I welcome you to our “RamRaje College, Dapoli”. On this occasion, I wish to draw your attention to the philosophy and pedagogic practices at our college.

Today’s youths, in spite of having education and academic degrees, find themselves in a quandary. They have all the required certificates on paper, but their inexperience and lack of exposure to today’s competitive world make them ill-prepared to face the world. Hence, we have given ourselves a different credo: we want to ensure that our students are both technically qualified and have real life experience of the workplace.

Graduates in many disciplines join the Indian workforce, but lack of opportunities enviably frustrate them. High cost of education in the disciplines like Hotel & Tourism Management, Media, I.T., Engineering, Nursing and Interior Decoration actively discourage the average students from pursuing career in these disciplines. We have, therefore, offered quality training in these promising career fields at affordable fees and Free Education for poor & backward class students. Our aim is to offer rural boys and girls optimum job oriented skills that will enable them to become self sufficient.

We also ensure availability of job opportunities and entrepreneurial avenues, so that our graduates can contribute to further development in their own fields.

I invite you to join us in the fulfillment of our noble, nation building vision.

After all, the nurturing of this country’s future generation is our responsibility.
Thank You,

Mr. Sandeep Rajpure