Every year, thousands of students come out of schools with rosy dreams about their youth and bright future. Now a days, higher and professional education is going beyond reach of the common people. Even then, they have not lost sight of their dreams and intense desire to fulfill their dreams.

As you all know, today’s youths aspire for possesing higher education and academic professional degrees. The Governing Body of Distinctive Education Society is well aware of this fact. Hence, the Distinctive Education Society’s RamRaje College gives enormous apportunities to the students in rural areas to take mighty advances in higher professional education and service in this competitive era.

We, at the RamRaje College, are proud of the fact that our college is strongly progressing because of low fee structure, as well as, free education for the people from reserve categories and poor families through academically competent teaching staff and maximum educational facilities. RamRaje College of IT, Media, and Hotel Management is affiliated to University of Mumbai. RamRaje College of Computer Application (BCA) is affiliated to SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. RamRaje College of Nursing is approved by Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai, Government of Maharshtra and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

RamRaje College of Engineering and Polytechnic is approved by Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination. RamRaje Junior College of Arts, Commerce and Science is approved by Government of Maharashtra. RamRaje College of D.Ed is approved by N.C.T.E., MSCERT and Government of Maharashtra. Our college has penetrated into the hearts of students as a unique name for quality education.

The mission of RamRaje College, Dapoli is to sustain a community of individuals who are dedicated to achieve excellence in career.